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Search Engine Marketing: PPC Best Practices

Part of The Lead to Loyal™ Inbound Summer School, this 30-minute webinar covers the fundamentals of search engine marketing. We discuss how to plan, set-up and optimize a pay-per-click campaign. Our focus is on Google's advertising platform, AdWords. 

On-Demand Webinar

In this session, we cover

  • Planning Your Google AdWords PPC Campaign
  • Setting Up Your Google AdWords PPC Campaign
  • Optimizing Your Google AdWords PPC Campaign

Who Should Attend

This session is designed for the time-stretched marketer and small business owner.

Meet Our Presenter

Sean HoweSean Howe
Digital Strategist, SilverTech

Sean is a seasoned digital marketer with expertise in content strategy and development, SEO, social media, and analytics. He has expertise with inbound marketing applications including HubSpot, Pardot marketing automation systems, Google Analytics, Ektron, and Wordpress CMS.