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Micro-Moments & Mobile-First Behavior: Are You Ready?

Part of SilverTech’s “2020: The Future of Marketing” webinar series, this session will help your organization understand how micro-moments are changing the way we consume content and make purchase decisions. Learn why you should be taking a mobile-first approach to your marketing plan.

On-Demand Webinar

Session Description

Two years ago Google introduced the micro-moment, a new mobile-first concept of consumer behavior. Micro-moments are moments of intent - purchase moments, research moments, and discovery moments - that happen on a mobile device, and Google says they are only multiplying. What does this mean for your organization? It means it’s not enough to have a responsive website. Your customer’s journey now needs to optimized from a mobile-first perspective that means adapting your content not only to a smaller screen size but to the shorter attention spans of mobile users.

Webinar Topics

  • The new customer journey and analytics landscape
  • The evolution of micro-moments and what the (near) future might hold
  • Examples of how some organizations are adopting a mobile-first approach to their marketing
  • How to adopt a mobile-first marketing strategy and respond to micro-moments

Meet SilverTech's Experts

Jeff McPhersonJeff McPherson
Chief Digital Officer, SilverTech

For more than 15 years, Jeff has helped businesses connect with their consumers by seeking out trends to attract, engage, and retain customers, ultimately driving profitable customer relationships. His areas of expertise include e-commerce, utilities, financial institutions, and the healthcare space, with a focus on strategy, customer communications, systems and workflows, and enterprise system strategy.

Samantha MaltaisSamantha Maltais
Principal Strategist, SilverTech

Sam was recently named a recipient of one of NH’s highest honors for young professionals, The Union Leader’s 40-Under-Forty. She is an in-demand speaker at digital marketing conferences having most recently been featured at Digital Summit Philadelphia.