The Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Website Personalization [On-Demand Webinar]

Amazon’s “Recommended for you” engine accounts for 35% of the company’s sales! There's no doubting the value of website personalization, but getting started can be overwhelming. In this webinar, learn what you can do today to leverage your data and deliver personalized experiences on your company’s website.

On-Demand Webinar

In this Webinar, we Will Cover:

  • Goals and Use Cases
  • 1st , 2nd, and 3rd Party Data
  • Personas and Personalization
  • The Crawl, Walk, Run Approach

Meet Our Personalization Expert:

Derek BarkaDerek Barka
Chief Technology Officer, SilverTech

As the Chief Technology Officer at SilverTech, Derek leads the team that helps businesses create profitable relationships throughout the entire customer lifecycle. 

Learn More About SilverTech:

Recently chosen for the 2018 Sitecore Experience Awards as an Americas regional winner in the category for Best Use of Personalization, SilverTech is a digital agency with more than 20 years of experience building websites that help deliver transformational growth. Learn more.


2018 Sitecore Awards Winner

Read the case study and learn how Fulton Bank leveraged 1st and 3rd party data to deliver personalized experiences to more than 80% of their website visitors.