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The 2017 State of Digital Marketing in Financial Services

In this webinar, SilverTech’s Financial Services experts discuss the main challenges and opportunities financial marketers face and share what they believe will be the most effective digital strategies of 2017.

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As a higher education marketer, you’ve felt the enormous impact that digital technology has had on the way your prospective and current students want to communicate with you and compare your course offerings and services.

Marketers in 2017 need to be asking, how do we take a look at what we know about a prospect, how do we react to a prospect using our websites, our applications, and how do we take that data and improve the customer experience?

"…Through their approach, SilverTech has proven they understand that the best marketing strategies are those that enhance experiences throughout the entire customer journey.”

brian halliganBrian Halligan
CEO, HubSpot